Servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC, Silverstone Precast now delivers hollow core ceiling and floor systems to the market. Hollow core is an innovative approach to creating durable, weatherproof, floor and ceiling solutions to agriculture, commercial, industrial and residential building projects. Engineered to withstand all weather conditions, hollow core can very quickly and efficiently be erected. The strength of the product eliminates enables greater clear spans and versatility in interior design.

  • Agricultural


    Whether you are housing cattle, grain or machinery, hollow core offers a floor and roof system that will stand-up against any and all weather. With unmatched durability, hollow core is quick and easy to install and can work with almost any design. The strength of hollow core conrete allows for tremendous clear spans, optimizing interior spaces. At Silverstone Precast we pride ourselves on exceptional service and the highest quality products so you can put your focus on what matters most to you – your business.

  • Commercial


    Hollow core can be used with an infinite number of designs for limitless applications. The strength of hollow core eliminates the need for columns, allowing longer interior spans and greater use of space. This fire resistant material boasts a lower thermal mass than other materials resulting in energy savings. Strong enough to hold a fleet of cars and sophisticated enough to create a masterpiece design, Silverstone Precast’s hollow core is the most versatile floor and ceiling solution on the market.

  • Industrial


    With an increased focus on sustainability for large operations hollow core delivers unique benefits to help organizations address this. Made from concrete, hollow core has a lower thermal mass resulting in reduced energy demands. Concrete is completely recyclable and the products of concrete generates less waste than other building materials. Regardless of the size and scale of your operation, hollow core can bring economic benefits to your project. With a high load-bearing capability and engineered to last, hollow core is a versatile material that can be installed with unprecedented speed.

  • Institutional


    Prefabricated in our state-of-the-art facility, hollow core reduces sound and vibration making it perfect for education campuses, medical facilities, correctional facilities and government buildings. Delivered install-ready to a build site, we can maintain the highest level of product quality and erect a structure much faster than traditional methods of building. Hollow core has a series of voids in the material that can be used as conduits for electrical and ventilation. Concrete hollow core is made to last. 

  • Residential


    Hollow core is quickly becoming a coveted material in residential builds. One of the most energy-efficient materials available, hollow core absorbs excess heat and cool, reducing the demand for artificial interior climates. Offering additional living space by utilizing a home’s entire footprint, interior designs are now limitless. Whether you are building a single family home or a multi-family tower, hollow core keeps the elements, fire and insects at bay.